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“Attending Invest Atlantic’s PitchCamp was totally invigorating
and meant a lot to me at this early stage in my business.” Leslie G.

PitchCamp continues to be the inaugural event at Invest Atlantic with Pitch 101, Pitch 201, and Pitch 301; bringing startups, mid-stage, and late-stage entrepreneurs together for an intense day of pitching!

Check out this short video from our last year’s Chair, Dr. Nancy Mathis, that explains the details.

The following descriptions are simply designed to help you choose which PitchCamp session best aligns with your current stage of business.

Pitch 101 is Startup or Early-Stage: You are an existing business, or have an idea that is or being incorporated into a business, often looking for advisors, mentors, and family, friends or angel investors and could be entering beta-testing with clients.
1 minute pitches from up to 12 startups with 3 minute Q&A and 2 minute critique session judged by discerning investors.

Pitch 201 is Mid-Stage (or Growth Stage): Your company is now out of beta-testing and has traction or paying customers and is or will be moving from angel investment to include venture capital rounds of investing.
2 minute pitches from up to 8 mid-stage companies with a 2 minute Q&A and 2 minute critique session judged by discerning investors.

Pitch 301 is Later-Stage (Sellers to Acquirers): You are a seasoned business owner wanting to “hire” young blood who’s prepared to work for a split equity–salary compensation and do a “rent to own” transition in the company over 5–10 years.
3 minute pitches from up to 4 companies with a 1 minute Q&A and 2 minute critique session mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs. Opportunity for audience to meet pitchers after the session.

Experts will be on hand to share tips on pitching and by covering pitches for every stage of business from startup to late stage, it will make for a great afternoon of learning and info-sharing for all entrepreneurs and investors. Plus, our Pitch 101 candidates will be pitching against the winners of the regional Pitch 101 series.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to “pitch your idea” to our panel of seasoned investors:




It’s 60 seconds that could change your future. The deadline for applications is Wednesday August 24th so don’t delay and miss out on this great opportunity! Applications received after the deadline will go on the pitchers wait list.

A total of 24 entrepreneurs will be selected (12 for 101, 8 for 201 and 4 for 301). Successful applicants will be notified early in September, 2016 and receive our PitchCamp guidelines to prepare for a hands-on grooming session with a group of pitching mentors in advance of the PitchCamp session.